Merlin's Testimonials


"WOW! What an EXCELLENT session! He was able to get right into the heart of the matter within seconds! I did not have to reveal much as he was able to pick up everything related to my question and much more! I appreciated his insights and honest assessment of things moreover, his advice was right on target too! I am excited about what lays ahead and look forward to keeping in touch! 10 stars!"


He was very good spot on with his cards. Looking forward to the things mentioned well at least some parts of it. I def recommend calling him and I will call back"




8/20/2014 suzyyq4895 5 stars

Awesome picked up accurately the situation & put my mind to ease ...he is gentle calming and HONEST My #1!!!


8/7/2014 suzyyq4895 5 stars

A truly gifted reader and gentleman!


8/6/2014 suzyyq4895 5 stars

such a nice loving gifted presence.I love speaking with him and his advice is always on point!


8/6/2014 suzyyq4895 5 stars



5/14/2014 I AM I AM BLISS 5 stars

NO question too difficult for him!!! I wish I could clone him and carry him around In my hip pocket :)) He is a perfect gentleman and is sweet caring and compassionate. I love him....


4/10/2014 edith75 5 stars

he uses astrology and I think he is good :) thanks for the reading


3/25/2014 whiterose9937 5 stars very good reading. i am happy that i contacted this reader . I was told the thruth and now i know what path i should be walking on. I am planning to call this reader again Whiterose 9937


8/24/2014 Shermagne Marie 5 stars


8/20/2014 Shermagne Marie 5 stars


9/15/2014 willi4 5 stars


9/10/2014 torrine 5 stars


9/5/2014 Oakland43 5 stars

Excellent as always! I do appreciate his honest assessment of things and I look forward to seeing what new and positive things will emerge shortly on my new job search! 10 stars!


9/4/2014 Mielita 5 stars

He was very honest, tactful, and clear. I also appreciated that he took time to explain the chart and was direct and quick without being rushed. Very kind as well! I'll definitely call him next time I need advice!


9/3/2014 mo3133 5 stars


9/2/2014 ravenflys 5 stars Thank you


8/28/2014 Oakland43 5 stars

Wonderful! So grateful for his wide counsel as his insights an advice are right on target! I am excited about my new job prospect as well! 10 stars!


8/27/2014 mo3133 5 stars

First time caller. On point with everything. Will defiantly call again.


8/27/2014 torrine 5 stars

Thank you


8/26/2014 torrine 5 stars


8/24/2014 LightWithin 5 stars

Thanks for the insight! We'll see what happens...


8/24/2014 krysta209 5 stars



8/20/2014 TheCuriousOne 5 stars

Excellent reader. Explained everything in detail with such patience and clarity to where I could understand. Read the guy in question to the "T". A must reader, you won't be disappointed!


8/20/2014 jayne229 5 stars

Thank you very much.


8/15/2014 Gayle3353 5 stars


8/15/2014 Lightworker Lexi 5 stars

fantastic reading


8/12/2014 ravenflys 5 stars

Wonderful thank you :)


8/12/2014 nikki05 5 stars


8/12/2014 anthonymcc1 5 stars


8/11/2014 Member835278 5 stars

Thank you for an in-depth reading... Merlin is very good...


8/11/2014 TishYoni 5 stars

So sorry we were disconnected. Have to run to a meeting, but wanted to thank you for the reading. I will keep you posted.


8/11/2014 Gayle3353 5 stars


8/10/2014 carol c hall 5 stars

Thanks for the feedback.


8/10/2014 stems2 5 stars

Had a very nice conversation with him.


8/10/2014 lifehappens 5 stars

Great call! Really nice person to talk to and picked up on the situation right away. Thank you for the insight.


8/9/2014 ravenflys 5 stars

He's very good. He saw what I needed to hear. Love the sexy British voice! Thank you for what you saw, I will call again.


8/9/2014 torrine 5 stars

Just wanted to say...Thank you.. enjoyed reading u were straight to the point.


8/9/2014 younglady28 5 stars

Thank you for the information. Talk to you when prediction comes to past.


8/9/2014 newbegs 5 stars

Thanks! Quite confident and thoroughly read for me. See what happens.



8/6/2014 alwyzthkn 5 stars

really great!!!!!!!accurate!!


8/6/2014 Lola7100 5 stars

He is good. Quick and to the point. Will call him back.... :)


8/5/2014 EagleWarrior11 5 stars

Ty for the update!!!!!!!! Quick and to the point....


8/5/2014 carol c hall 5 stars

Hit the nail on the head.


8/5/2014 harris11 5 stars

Awesome!! Really enjoyed the readings!!


8/5/2014 London81 5 stars


8/5/2014 Rathven1 5 stars

Very accurate. Well worth your time and money!


8/5/2014 Mistyck 5 stars


8/4/2014 quacious 5 stars



7/22/2014 Kassandra44 5 stars

Great reading...very clear :-)


7/16/2014 6677xx 5 stars


7/16/2014 sweetdina 5 stars

Awesome call! 1st time! Told me the job will be coming very soon, called in a few days! JH has been working very hard on your behalf. Page of Cups, Sun, Empress & Temptress. 7 of Pent, Wheel of Fortune. New projects begin due to Jupiter/Leo. See several choices on jobs. Sounds awesome!


7/11/2014 6677xx 5 stars

Thank you


7/3/2014 cookie92 5 stars

He was very good spot on with his cards. Looking forward to the things mentioned well atleast some parts of it. I def recommend calling him and I will call back


7/2/2014 whiterose9937 5 stars

thanks for the kind and caring reading. I appreciate everything you did for me. I am planning on calling this reader again soon Whiterose9937


6/29/2014 Scharmayne 5 stars

Merlin is on top of things for sure. he understands astrology and the charts and aspects of the charts. I will take into consideration his suggestions as I think it would be wise.


6/27/2014 978572 5 stars

Merlin was absolutely spot on.... I thoroughly enjoyed the reading... his style is easy to follow and I was able to take notes for reference later.... I highly recommend him.


6/10/2014 p1sces 5 stars


5/28/2014 whiterose9937 5 stars

This was a great reading . the reader was very open and honest. I now know what path I should be walking on . I am planning on calling this reader again soon Whiterose9937



5/25/2014 pnice3274 5 stars



5/16/2014 suzyyq4895 5 stars



5/16/2014 suzyyq4895 5 stars


5/13/2014 I AM I AM BLISS 5 stars

THIS MAN IS OFF The CHAIN!!!!!! I've been on for 12 Years Give him a shot - let him do his thing HE will AMAZE YOU!!!!!!


8/27/2014 alialwil 4 stars

Wow... awesome reading. Accurate. Never asked any questions. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because he was hars to understand. The phone was not clear.


8/5/2014 vivi0470 4 stars

interesting reading, very different from the rest...see the X is kind of using me to go thru some stuffs with his current situation...advise not to really trust him ..because he can do the same to me again later...will see


8/4/2014 gardengirl12 4 stars

very helpful and professional. quick to respond to emails


6/29/2014 Scharmayne 4 stars

Merlin is kind, I got a tarot reading. He sensed that I am a reader right off the bat. I did not tell him. He told me about a friends problems at work. Our relationship started because this person needed someone to confide in, someone to talk to. My friend is in a lots of pressure at work I never told Merlin that. He said I have too much patience, he was honest. I should take that into consideration.





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